Meet The Omega Team

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Meet The Omega Team

Post by JessieJJ on Fri Sep 30, 2016 9:32 pm


Name:: Netana
Location: New Zealand
Discord Contact: 《GOD》Netzzie#0995


Has been playing Moba for 3 years, peaking diamond 2 during season 4 and 5 of League of Legends completing season 5 at rank 300 on Oceania. Competed in OPL qualifiers (Oceania pro league), finishing in 8th place in season 4. He values his puzzling skills acquired from strategic board games during his upbringing which he says has helped him developed as a gamer.


Name:  Anthony
Location::  Florida
Discord Contact:《GOD》Eos #9018


I have been playing mobas for over 6 years casually and competitive. I was diamond 3 in season 3. Rank one in wow in multiple seasons. Very into multiple sports including golf. It takes the edge off me and I believe this helps in gaming because I'm always calm no matter what the situation may be. Currently going to school to pursue a career in the golf industry


Name: Chris
Location: Maryland
]Discord Contact: 《GOD》Carrot#6021


Been playing MOBA Legends for months the high level of competition.

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